About us

We are Oort Energy

Innovating the technology that makes electrolysis economical and sustainable.

Our mission

Green hydrogen is a clean source of energy that will lead to a meaningful reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Because electrolysis is the key to enabling green hydrogen, a future where it is globally available will only be possible with a disruptive new approach to electrolyser manufacturing, making market adoption cost-effective.

To make an impact on climate change, green hydrogen needs to be globally available today.

Oort Energy is on a mission to globally deploy our electrolyser technology, making green hydrogen economical so market demand drives the transition to net-zero.

Making green hydrogen economical so market demand drives the transition to net-zero

Our values

Our business model

Hub and spoke model

Revenue streams

Our leadership team

Our experienced leadership team combine 50+ years electrolyser expertise from fundamental electrochemistry to industrial manufacturing

  • Dr. Nick van Dijk
    Dr. Nick van Dijk
    CEO / CTO
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    Nick is an internationally recognised technical leader in the field of water electrolysis. He has experience in large multi-national blue-chip companies as well as start-ups.

    Nick was Research Director at ITM Power, COO at PV3 Technologies and CTO at TFP-Hydrogen before co-founding Oort Energy.

  • Dr. James Dodwell
    Dr. James Dodwell
    Research Director
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    James was a research scientist at ITM Power, developing next generation MEA’s and AST’s for PEM electrolysers.

    James left ITM to pursue a PhD at UCL in understanding degradation mechanisms in PEM water electrolysis. He co-founded Oort Energy after graduating.

  • Marcus Bull
    Marcus Bull
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    Following a successful career in the British Army, Marcus has over 20 years commercial experience working in both multi-national blue-chip companies and small medium enterprises.

    Marcus has an MBA and led Sales, Marketing and Customer Support teams before joining Oort Energy as CCO.

  • Alex Shields
    Alex Shields
    Engineering Director
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    Alex has 25 years engineering innovation and industrial scale up experience with over 14 years in water electrolysis and hydrogen, delivering designs for over 35 installations with the largest being 10MW.

    Alex was head of product design at ITM Power, and head of design at CPH2 before joining Oort Energy as Director of Engineering.

  • Jen Williams
    Jen Williams
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    Jen has over 10 years’ experience working in finance within different industries. A firm believer in finance being more than “just the numbers”, Jen looks to embed finance into the everyday conscience of a business. Jen has led small and medium sized finance teams throughout her career bringing extensive practical experience in implementing financial processes and accounting rigour.

  • Lee Shepherd
    Lee Shepherd
    Operations Director
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    Lee boasts 35+ years in automotive supply from the foundry industry. He is a qualified metallurgist who has held senior director roles in Technical and Manufacturing across the UK and India. Before Oort Energy, Lee served as Operations Manager at TFPHydrogen, overseeing coating, supply, and quality management of electrolyser parts.