Innovating energy

Enabling a meaningful reduction in global CO2 emissions with green hydrogen.

The challenges of hydrogen

As the world drives towards net-zero, there are several major issues that need addressing to enable the move to 100% renewable energy:

  • There is no easy way to store renewable energy
  • At >90% production it is expected that ~15-20% curtailment will be needed

Green hydrogen will play a pivotal role in decarbonising industry

Some industrial factors are especially difficult to decarbonise:

  • Long duration storage

    Hydrogen is the best (and possibly the only) solutions for weekly to seasonal renewable system balancing

  • Heavy duty transport & shipping

    Hydrogen is particularly well suited to meeting the demands of heavy duty applications

  • Industrial hydrogen use

    Steel, fertiliser, food, and chemicals are difficult to decarbonise without clean hydrogen

Why green hydrogen?

Hydrogen is already a commodity product but >95% currently produced from fossil fuels, and costs are rising.

The benefits of green hydrogen:

  • Electrochemical hydrogen is green and can be directly coupled to renewables

  • Hydrogen can be produced virtually wherever there is renewable energy

  • Hydrogen from electrolysis is opening new markets: steel, transport, power-to-gas & load levelling

A clear opportunity  

Increase in European Electrolyser Market 
by 2030*

Increase in European Electrolyser Market by 2050*

>Projected €400B+
European Electrolyser Addressable Market by 2050

(*Goldman Sachs / European Commission – EU Hydrogen Strategy Report 2021)