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We have the solution

Developing the electrolyser technologies that make green hydrogen universal.

The lowest cost of green hydrogen

Polymer Electrolyte Membrane (PEM) electrolysis is the lowest cost, most efficient technology on the market for the 1-10MW range, which is our initial target market.

Our innovative, proprietary solutions blend performance and durability in systems to deliver market-leading operational and capital efficiencies.

Our technology is driving down the cost of green hydrogen

The benefits of Polymer Electrolyte Membrane electrolysis:

  • Utilisation time

    Wide window of operation leads to higher utilisation

  • Electricity cost

    Decreasing costs of renewable energy

  • System cost

    Low cost design built for scale manufacture

  • Asset lifetime

    High durability ensures minimal asset maintenance required

  • System throughput

    High production rates drive lower CAPEX

  • System performance

    High efficiency means low OPEX

The future of universal green hydrogen

From proof of concept work in 2019, to testing a 10 kW stack in 2021, Oort Energy’s technology is proven at 250kW scale and ready for 1MW–5MW commercial pilots with customers. 

Already underway for delivery in 2024 we have:

1MW PEM Electrolyser in Morocco.

1MW PEM Electrolyser in South Africa

The Oort Energy Electrolyser

Our electrolyser efficiency gains allow us to operate with the same throughput as competitors with lower OPEX.

Not only that, we can produce smaller electrolysers that operate at the same efficiency levels as competitors, but with lower CAPEX.

The benefits of Oort Energy’s Electrolyser:

  • Novel low cost stack design

  • Novel MEA that allows unparalleled performance

  • A bipolar plate coating that increases lifetime

Key milestones


  • More than 1 year of durability testing

  • Mechanical failure mechanisms designed out and tested

  • Pressure testing to 100 Bar (differential)


  • 250 kW Industrial Demonstrator

  • Final stack design built and tested

  • Automation of control system

  • Best in class efficiency demonstrated

  • Design for 1MW containerised systems in development


  • £6M seed funding raised

  • £2.5M+ Revenue from customer orders

  • Two patents filed (three more to file)